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CeeCee March 25, 2014 at 01:03 PM
The students clearly need the conflict resolution counseling which they both should be attendingRead Moredur ing their suspensions. As the video shows, the student in the hoodie appears to be the aggressor and definitely assaulted the teacher and continued to do so as the teacher was restraining him. Perhaps, add on anger management counseling. While there is an instant that the teacher and both students go off screen, the student in the sweater reacts for the most part defensively, albeit taller and stronger, and restrains himself in response to the involvement of another teacher/adult. While school officials are privy to the students' accounts, teachers/adults and other forthcoming witnesses' accounts, what instigated this altercation and any previous incidents between the two, and the academic and behavioral records of both students, all of which I am not, based on the video, imho, I tend to agree with you that it is unfair to kick the student out. Mike: I appreciate you bringing this video to the community's attention. If you are interested in pursuing this further, may I suggest you bring the video to the attention of the school administrators and the young man's parents, if you haven't done so already. Also, you could perhaps investigate and report on any of the information that I mentioned not readily available to clarify why only he was expelled. Check out pages 7-21 on the consequences for offenses/violations of the parent handbook: http://www.aacps.org/html/Parents/parenthandbook.pdf From the organization Advocates for Children and Youth, an executive summary of a report which addresses this issue: http://www.acy.org/upimages/EffectiveSchoolDisciplineinMarylandBriefFinal.pdf Start a petition at change.org AACPS Student Discrimination Issues: 410/222-5354 AACPS Discipline Issues: 410/222-5288 If you see or hear about, bullying, fighting, abuse, harassment, weapons, gangs or other dangerous situations at school, call: 1-877-676-9854 Thank you Mike for getting involved and educating US. I look forward to hearing more from you. And thanks to the teachers for doing so much more than people realize and for which you're NOT commensurately paid.
Jack November 11, 2013 at 09:36 PM
It's true irony that Mr. Gensert repeatedly calls Obama a moron, as Burton Poplansky (a realRead Morecolumni st) once said "Name-calling is the last refuge of the non-thinker" It's sad and embarrassing to read this sort of trash written by Mr. Gensert, frankly it drags down the character of the entire Patch website. Where he really has virtually nothing to go on but false and flimsy accusations and stumbles on while desperately grabbing at straws to vilify a sitting president. Any person can be strongly against any person or their beliefs and be civil about it. Sit down and debate the topic until it's exhausted, while everyone observing benefits from the exchange. But not Mr. Gensert oh no, he consistently chooses the honorless path and tarnishes the reputation of an otherwise good online publication. We warned good people, Mr. Gensert is comfortable with leading you astray for political gain!
patricia November 21, 2013 at 10:09 PM
Dear Jack, Today is November 21,2013, 10 days since your feeble attempt at denial, and it appearsRead Moreth at everything Mr Gensert choose to write about is true. What is really sad and embarrassing is the fact that the liberal-progressive-socialists like you are still trying to hide behind the lies this president has told and continues to tell. He promised fundamental transformation, and the only way to do that is to destroy this country, and that is exactly what he is doing. The only debate we need to have is how to force these liberal-progressive-socialists out of the democrat party and into the light, to show who they really are. Democrats and republicans are NOT the problem, liberal-progressive-socialists ARE the problem.
Jerry B November 02, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Mr. Gensert, shame on you for being disingenuous with your readers. You pass on fantasies aboutRead Morehow we need another Ronald Reagan. Mr. Gensert, the last thing America needs is another Ronald Reagan. Yes, Mr. Reagan brought about economic prosperity. But he did it by TRIPLING THE NATION DEBT! If a president opens the flood gates to unlimited spending of course there will be a period of economic prosperity. FOLLOWED by a period of economic turmoil when the bills must be paid. Mr. Reagan crafted the concept of massive deficit spending in America. The following Republican administrations defended his lunacy. Vice President Cheney went so far as to claim "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter". When ever Bush was criticized for his massive spending, the Republicans who say the national debt doesn't matter. It's just a number. Now that they're out of office suddenly their party propaganda has switched 180 degrees. Now the debt matters and will continue UNTIL THEY'RE ELECTED AGAIN. Then it will be another deficit spending spree. George Bush Jr. doubled the national debt during a time of unprecedented prosperity. Which was followed by an economic collapse during his administration. So here we are 5 years after the economic crash and we have had steady growth in the economy. Sure it hasn't been stellar but slow healthy growth is what made America the great nation it is. You an your kind criticize the successful economic stimulus. Where were you when President Reagan tripled the national debt ? Where were you when George Bush Jr. doubled the national debt and presided over the greatest loss of jobs in American history? Shame on you for tricking your readers with false information. Shame on you for re-writing history to fit your party's propaganda.
Lee Saghirian November 03, 2013 at 08:06 PM
Hey Dimbokrat, Barry boys near DOUBLED the national debt of ALL Presidents in the history of theRead Morenat ion. He's the food stamp/part time jobs President and liar(Obamacare) in Chief. What world do you live in?
Jerry B November 05, 2013 at 09:27 PM
Mrs. Crouse, there is no façade to crack. The ideas you spewed forth in your worthlessRead Morediatr ibe are quite literally nothing more than Republican myths. Since George W Bush Jr. left office in 2008, spending on welfare has only increased 1%. Spending on health care has increased 2%. Keep in mind we experienced the Great Recession in 2008, so logically welfare spending should increase. You talk about the 17 trillion dollar debt, which is about 70% higher now than it was since Bush (less than doubled during the worst recession in US history). What you failed to tell your readers is that Bush DOUBLED THE NATIONAL debt during a time of economic prosperity. Ronald Reagan TRIPLED OUR NATIONAL DEBT. Both Bush and Reagan have been promoted at fiscal conservatives!!! The national debt is currently growing SLOWER THAN WITH ANY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT SINCE NIXON despite the fact that we dumped huge amounts of money into the economy to prevent a depression. Mr. Crouse where was your outrage when Bush and Reagan were wrecking our economic future? Let me answer for you, it didn’t exist because it was a Republican doing the damage and that’s A-Okay with you. You accused Obama of lying, yet your article is filled with lies of omission, Mrs. Crouse shame on you for deliberately misleading your readers for political gain. You quote an NBC article which has been proven false. You talk about Mr. Woodward’s statement that "rat's nest of concealment and lies" well that’s close to being true but the context of his statement was regarding the concealment of spying which was made legal under the Patriot act which the Republican party fully endorsed. So let’s get this right, the Republican party passes a law and when Obama abides by that law he is somehow dishonest. Wow, now that is some REAL political spin. Of course you beat the Benghazi drum and completely ignore the records of previous REPUBLICAN presidents. Under Obama we have had 4 attacks on US embassies with the deaths of 15 people which is a terrible thing. However, UNDER BUSH we had 12 attacks on US embassies with 51 dead. Again, where was your outrage during the Bush administration? For those of you who read Mrs. Crouse’s nonsense where was your outrage when those fifty people were killed while Bush was in office? It didn’t exist because you weren’t told to be outraged. Since you’re so outraged by terrorist acts, lets talk about 9/11. The Bush administration was warned not once but multiple times that Bin Laden was going to attack us and BUSH did nothing. Where was your outrage at the loss 2,977 lives because Bush chose to ignore those warnings? Mrs. Crouse, the American people are fed up with being lied to by the likes of you. The Republican party is at its lowest approval rating in history because of the kind of nonsense you wrote in your worthless opinion piece. Keep it up, maybe you can drive that rating even lower…
Jerry B November 05, 2013 at 09:54 PM
Mrs Crouse was a Republican party operative in the Bush sr. White House and she would like for youRead Moret o just get angry, shut off your mind and believe all her nonsense. Mrs. Crouse talks about how we’re a divided nation. She’s absolutely correct, we are divided. What she fails to tell you (a lie of omission) is that this division we see was engineered by the Republican talking heads like Limbaugh, Liddy and other talk radio hosts. See 10 years ago, Rush and others beat the drum that political moderates where the great enemy. I’ve listened to their shows for years. Limbaugh claimed that liberals were better than moderates because at least liberals stood for something. He equated moderates with atheists. They did everything they could to eliminate the middle ground and scare conservatives who were hovering around the middle of the political spectrum. See, they believed that liberals were weak and could be easily influenced. What they failed to realize is that not all of the conservative talk show audiences had fully consumed the kool-aide. Now even conservatives are fed up with the extremist behavior of the Republican party. That’s why their ratings in the polls are at record lows. But don’t let the tricksters like Mrs. Crouse dupe you into believing Obama is the divider, that game started by the conservative political strategists long before Obama took office. Again, Mrs Crouse was a Republican party operative in the Bush sr. White House and she would like for you to just shut off your mind and believe all her nonsense. It’s very interesting. Republicans have done everything in their power to prevent Obama from working with them. They’ve called him a Nazi, Communist, Fascist, Socialist, liar, thief, usurper, Kenyan, Muslim, questioned his birth certificate, etc. etc. etc. Yet, they can’t figure out why he doesn’t just give them everything they want. If you were in the same situation would you? Because negotiation to the Republican party means giving in to all their demands. In OUR world it means sitting at around a table to coming to an agreement. But that has NEVER been an option extended to President Obama. How can you work with someone who refuses to participate then jumps in front of the TV cameras and claims they were slighted, as the Republican party has done. Extortion isn’t negotiation, extortion isn’t working together. Shutting down the US government because the president didn’t give in to their demands was extortion, NOT NEGOTIATION. Actually it was closer to treason than it was extortion. But don’t listen to the tricksters like Crouse, she’s just trying to get those poll number back up by making you angry.