Pasadena History: A Lake Waterford Business

The park used to be a place where families of U.S. Naval Academy graduates could stay during graduation.

Here’s your weekly dose of some Pasadena history thanks to The Pasadena Peninsula by Isabel Shipley Cunningham.

In the 1900s, a man filled Lake Waterford with plants because he wanted to ensure a healthy home for his exotic goldfish.

"At Lake Waterford, William Wolle and his sister Henrietta Wolle Windsor, operated a business on the property that their father had bought in 1912," Cunningham wrote. "The elder William Wolle, director of Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, had searched for a home in the country where he could raise rare goldfish.

"He chose Lake Waterford, built his home there, and planted exotic South American plants around the lake, and eventually stocked the lake with bluegill, bass, and pike.

"In 1927 his son and daughter added a concession stand and rented boats and log cabins to fisherman and vacationers from May to October. Among their regular patrons were the families of midshipmen who stayed at Lake Waterford during June Week (now Graduation Week) at the Naval Academy."

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