Pasadena History: Getting Candy Bars from Mamie

In the 1930s area children frequented a store in the home of Harry and Mamie for candy bars.

Here’s your weekly dose of some Pasadena history thanks to The Pasadena Peninsula by Isabel Shipley Cunningham.

Residents of Bayside Beach visited the Hancock store to purchase candy bars, which they often took to the lighthouse keeper.

"At the eastern end of the peninsula, local residents and men from the oyster fleet patronized the little store at the home of Harry and Mamie Hancock," Cunningham wrote.

"Young people who lived in summer homes at Bayside Beach remember walking to the Hancock store to buy candy bars from Miss Mamie, who always wore a sunbonnet and ankle-length dresses with long sleeves. She told them that she did not need electricity because she and her brother went to bed at sundown and rose at dawn.

"The young people also visited the lighthouse keeper and took him candy bars and magazines."

Check back next Wednesday for more Pasadena history. For a complete listing of all Tidbits of History columns, please click here.


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