Bites Nearby: Dar Kabob

This take-out Middle Eastern Restaurant is easy to miss, but offers an extensive and affordable menu that makes it worth stopping in.

Although Dar Kabob has been providing take-out Middle Eastern fare in the Curtis Bay area for several years, it is still unknown by many local residents. Offering one of the few Middle Eastern menus in the area, Dar Kabob is worth visiting, despite the unassuming exterior.


Yousif Ahmed is the manager of Dar Kabob. “I have been here for lots of years – since day one. Business stays steady and we're happy for that,” he said.


Dar Kabob's menu ranges from gyros to kabobs to falafel, and is extremely affordable at around $7 per entree. Desserts such as baklava and homemade rice pudding are available, as well as a list of appetizers that includes pita bread and hummus and stuffed grape leaves. It is recommended that diners call ahead with their order, as the food is made fresh and takes time to prepare.


Mainly a take-out restaurant, Dar Kabob does offer a few picnic tables outside and one table inside. Ahmed also said that daily specials are offered, and that coupons and discounts are often advertised in local newspapers.


Dar Kabob is located at 8109 Fort Smallwood Road, just over the Stoney Creek Bridge in Curtis Bay. Hours are 11 AM to 10 PM. For more information, or to place carry-out orders, call (410) 360-3306.


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