Bites Nearby: Milkshake Delight

When you feel like abandoning your diet, where do you go for the best milkshake in town?

If veins aren’t popping out of my forehead when I try to drink out of a straw, my milkshake isn’t thick enough.

It takes a certain level of commitment to finish the perfect milkshake, and I’m not afraid to pop a blood vessel if it means enjoying the sweet sugary goodness of a chocolate, vanilla or strawberry shake.

My all-time favorite milkshakes come from Roy Rodgers Restaurants (the Butterfinger milkshake) but since those aren't available locally,  takes the crown for south county. At “,” they put whipped cream on top of the shake, making it sweeter and thicker than other food establishments.

Here are recommended milkshake destinations, provided by fellow Patch editors throughout the county.

Annapolis—Normally I find it difficult to sit down and pinpoint something as my favorite. That is, until I was asked about milkshakes. This is an easy one— on Main Street in downtown Annapolis. This is the best milkshake around and my wife will attest to the fact that I routinely declare it the "best" I've ever had.

Crofton—Head to Bruster's, located at 1125 Route 3 North in Gambrills, where you can get a thick shake made from your favorite ice cream or hit the  where the extensive menu includes milkshakes along with egg creams (that don't have eggs or cream in them).

Pasadena—If you are looking to treat yourself to a good milkshake in the Pasadena area, look no further than Chick-fil-A. They have delicious milkshakes that are hand-spun the old fashioned way. My personal favorite is the strawberry milkshake, but they also have chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream. Topped with whipped cream and a cherry, a Chick-fil-A milkshake is the perfect treat.

Bowie— offers traditional shake flavors made with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream but they also have one that features cheesecake ice cream mixed with cherry pie filling! Try one of the signature blends or get creative with the mix-ins to create your own concoction.

Glen Burnie—With a few locally-owned ice cream shops to choose from in Glen Burnie,  has stood the test of time—including having customer support stop them from being bought out by  mall. Stop by the lunch counter that's known just as well for its shakes as its footlongs. Choose from flavors including vanilla, chocolate, orange and banana. They don't take credit cards, but they recently added an ATM in case you forget some cash.

Odenton-Severn—A few weeks ago, I named  on Piney Orchard Parkway as the best place to grab a sandwich. Well, it also happens to be the best place in Odenton for a good milkshake. They're thick, they're handmade and priced right at $3.

When you "gotta" have a milkshake, where do you go?


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