Bites Nearby: Szechuan Cafe

“I rate Chinese restaurants by their wonton soup and theirs is some of the best I have ever had," says customer.

Located in the Giant Shopping Center at Lakeshore Crossing, has been offering quality Chinese and Japanese Cuisine for over 15 years. Boasting one of the area’s finest sushi bars, their menu consists of many traditional rolls as well as inventive creations exclusive to the Szechuan Café.

There is the Chesapeake Roll (Shrimp tempura and lump crabmeat with sliced avocado), the Maryland Roll (Jumbo lump crabmeat with mayonnaise, seasoning, and avocado), and a wide array of other fresh seafood combinations.

Not just known for their sushi, the Chinese menu is equally superb. “Every dish we have had has been flavorful” says Betty H of Glen Burnie. “I rate Chinese restaurants by their Wonton Soup and theirs is some of the best I have ever had.” Their General Tso’s Chicken, Beef with Broccoli, and Shrimp Egg Rolls have all received rave reviews as well.

Having an extensive menu that is also vegan-friendly is a huge plus, but what sets Szechuan Café apart from the rest is their outstanding customer service. Owner Tim Leung’s hospitality is passed along to his staff, who make sure to provide patrons with a most pleasant dining atmosphere. Everything is prepared fresh every single day except for Mondays; when the restaurant is closed.


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