Cell Phone Repair Business Opens in Lakeshore Plaza

CPR, located in Lakeshore Plaza, specializes in electronic repairs for cell phones, laptops and game systems.

Anyone with a cell phone probably knows what it is like to battle with the major telecomminucatons companies when the phone breaks. CPR, a recent business in Pasadena, offers a new approach for dealing with a broken cell phone.

CPR—short for Cell Phone Repair—is an on-premise cell phone and electronics repair center located in Lakeshore Plaza. Mark Robbins and his father Rob Robbins run the Pasadena CPR location as well as the one in Annapolis mall, which opened in November 2011.

“When we first bought into the franchise we thought it was a really good idea, a niche that wasn’t explored yet at that time,” Mark Robbins said. “So we decided to open another store and it is in our development plan to open more. We will probably be opening a third store in Crofton at Waugh Chapel.”

Mark Robbins, an Army veteran who served during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, grew up in the Millersville area but now lives in Lake Shore. He said it was his fondness for the area that led him to open a Pasadena CPR location.

“I am familiar with the area and it seemed like a great spot and it is close to home,” Mark Robbins said. “I have a five-minute drive to work—you can’t beat that. I run the day-to-day operations (and) my dad is kind of just a financial backer.”

Rob Robbins spent 25 years working for the Department of Defense and then worked for a government contracting business. He said that when he retired Mark approached him about opening a business.

“Mark had always been wanting to open his own business and had been researching business forever,” Rob Robbins said. “He came across [CPR] and wanted to know if I would be interested in working with him. I thought it was a good investment and something we could do together, so we decided to move forward.”

Some may wonder why they should take their broken phone to CPR and pay to have it fixed when the provider could send a new phone. Mark Robbins explained why CPR is often a better alternative.

“There’s a lots of benefits,” Mark Robbins said. “First we are cheaper than if you use your insurance plan or Verizon or something like that. Lots of time if it is broken Verizon sends it away and gives you a refurbished phone. So with that you are without your phone for a while, and you are getting back a used phone.”

Mark Robins added, “Here repairs are done in under an hour, so you are not without it for a day or two. Plus we are a national company so we offer a warranty on all our work, and if there is an issue you can bring it back and we will fix it.”

CPR repairs more than just cell phones. Mark Robbins said they will work on pretty much everything, from a laptop to something smaller. He said he has worked on some strange things in the past, like an electric shaver, but he mostly does phones, laptops and game systems.

Their most common repair is fixing a cell phone screen, specifically on the iPhone. To give a general idea of cost, Mark Robbins said that to repair the screen on the iPhone 4S costs about $99.

“We just instituted a new program that we are really excited about called CPR Shield,” Mark Robbins said. “What that is, is if you drop your phone or get water on it you’re covered and we will fix it for you.”

The CPR Shield program is a once-a-year fee of $29.99, with a deductible of $25 for any smart phone.

CPR does offer military discounts, something that is special to Mark Robbins given his own military service.

With the opening of their second store in less than a year, Mark and Rob Robbins have been successful with their business endeavor, something they are excited about.

“We expected success, but we clearly did not expect to be doing so well this early in the year,” said Rob Robbins. “Both stores are doing well and the community has embraced it. It really has a lot to do with community and we are grateful for them.”


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