Greene Turtle Offering Fantasy Football Parties

Host your draft at the Greene Turtle and you can get discounts on beer and food.

I love football season. I love the Ravens. I love watching Red Zone. I love reading about football throughout the entire season. I love it all.

While I love all of those things, what is perhaps one of my favorite things about football season is beating my very sport-savvy boyfriend in fantasy football two years in a row.

My boyfriend Matt is like a walking encyclopedia for players and teams. He knows things about players I have never even heard of. And while I am pretty well-versed in football myself, I can’t top him. But I beat him in fantasy football…twice.

So it is with great joy that I share with you that the in Pasadena is getting in on the fantasy action by offering draft parties.

“What we are doing is we are hosting draft parties here at The Turtle,” said Manager Derek Fink. “We have free Wi-Fi and are going to offer big beer specials.”

If you choose to host your fantasy football draft at Greene Turtle you can enjoy specials on 22 ounce beers, 20 percent off wing platters and boneless wings, and you will get a draft kit (while supplies last).

“Draft kits include fantasy draft boards, stickers for all the players and other free supplies,” Fink said.

Those who are interested in hosting their fantasy football draft in-style should call the Greene Turtle at 410-437-0075 to schedule their party.

Oh and by the way, I may have had some help drafting my team from my very sport-savvy boyfriend, but I still won. Who needs details?


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