A Mom Worth Bragging About

Tell Patch about your mom and you could win a $50 gift card.

In honor of Mother’s Day, last week Patch introduced a . In honor of the contest and the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, I thought I would tell you about my mom.

My mom, Pamela Carr, is pretty great as far as moms go. If you were to ask my 20-year-old brother why she is so awesome, without hesitation he would tell you it’s because she always makes him the best sandwiches.

Our mom is a pretty great cook. In fact, she has recently taken the time to teach me about cooking. And I have to say, cooking Thanksgiving dinner with her this year from beginning to end was a lot of fun.

While my mom is a great cook, that is definitely not the best thing about her. My mom is without a doubt one of the nicest people I have ever known. She hasn’t always been dealt the best cards in life, but no matter what happens she is always kind towards others.

No matter how many times it drives me crazy that she has to say hello to everyone in the grocery stores, or that she starts random conversations with strangers when I am trying to pass by unnoticed, it doesn’t escape me how much she genuinely cares about everyone else.

Finally, what I am most proud to say about my mom is that she is a breast cancer survivor! In fact, in April we walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Ocean City, MD. And despite the monsoon that occurred that weekend while we were walking, it was still a great time to celebrate my mom.

As much as I would like her to, my mom can’t win the Patch Best Moms contest. So take advantage, and . Hurry, the winner will be announced Friday.


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