BGE Continues Work in Pasadena

Many residents in Anne Arundel County are still without power as temperatures continue to rise.

While Pasadena may have faired better than other areas in the county after , there are still people without power and temperatures are expected to stay in the 90s throughout the week.

According to BGE, as of 10:36 a.m. 30,770 people in Anne Arundel County are still without power. Looking at the map, it seems that the Pasadena area has a smaller number of people still without electricity.

A release from Anne Arundel County Schools spokesman Bob Mosier, which was sent out Monday night, said that both and schools were without power. School activities at both schools were cancelledfor Tuesday.

According to BGE’s website, crews are expected to be working in the Pasadena area throughout the day.

Those still without power will have to continue to battle the heat. The National Weather Service is calling for temperatures in the upper 90s throughout the rest of the week.

Anne Arundel County fire officials transported three people from the . Lt. Cliff Kooser said he believed the CO came from a generator.

As of Monday, . And all major intersections have had power restored.

Are you, or someone you know, still without power? Tell us in the comments.


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