Greatest Person of the Day: Kristy Christman

This mother of three has helped others in a variety of ways, from working as a registered nurse for 14 years to recently releasing a children's book.

It doesn't take a huge charitable donation to make someone great. Sometimes all it takes for a person to be great is dedication; dedication to what they do for a living and dedication to helping others. Kristy Christman, a mother of three and resident of Pasadena, spent 14 years helping patients as a registered nurse and now seeks to inspire other mothers through her newly released children's book, published by Rocket Science Productions.

Christman recently released her first book "Mommy, Can You Move the Sun?" This story about a little boy who looks up to his mother as a near-superheroic figure is intended as an inspirational piece for both children and parents.

"I thought a story about a normal person doing things like that for their kids is really inspirational," said Christman. "It just really touches other moms. It lets you know that how your children view you through their eyes is the most important view in the world. It speaks to children, but it also speaks to parents."

The book was based on a question posed to Christman by her youngest son.

"It just kind of stuck," said Christman. "I guess I just wanted to get the word out there that I'm just a normal person—a normal person, a normal mom, I work full time and I have three children. As a mom you'd do anything to help your children."

Christman's book is available online and at stores in Pasadena, Severna Park and Annapolis.

"The response to the book has been really positive," said Christman. "I'm selling books, it's taking off and the feedback from perfect strangers at recent events like the Baltimore Book Festival has been great. Some people even started to cry a bit because it really hit home for them."

Her nurturing nature is also evident in the 14 years she spent working as a registered nurse.

"I just knew since I was a little, little girl, like in elementary school, that I wanted to help people," said Christman. "I care so much about people that are sick or in need that it's just my calling. I have a passion for it and that's what led me toward that career path."

Christman received her degree in nursing from Salisbury University. She worked in medical and surgical nursing. She's also taught college students in Howard County and currently works in sales and marketing for Gentiva Health Care Services.

"We focus on the senior population," said Christman. "I'm meeting with seniors and their families every single day. Our goal is to provide highly clinical care in the home so patients are able to remain home and independent in the community. We work with local hosptials and skilled nursing facilities and doctors' offices to help take care of their patients that go through those venues then go back home."

Christman added that throughout her career, she's seen the whole of the recuperative process.

"I've seen patients that are sick and in the hospital and patients that are now returning home," said Christman. "I feel great about what we do and we're out there trying to keep patients at home and healthy. I think this is just another part of the complete picture of a patient."

For more information on Christman and her book, visit her website.


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