Mountain Road Library to Display Local Art

Local artists can have their art displayed for one month in the library’s meeting room.

Are you a local artist? If so, you could have your art displayed for others to see at the .

The Pasadena library is taking on a new art initiative. Starting in September, they will display the work of a different local artist each month.

Mountain Road Library branch manager Jennifer Adams is looking forward to the start of the new endeavor.

“I am excited about it; I think it is going to be great,” said Adams. “What we want to do, of course, is focus on a local artist in Pasadena.”

During the month of March, the library participates in Art in the Schools to display the work of local students. This new initiative will showcase work from artists of all ages.

“What made us think about this is that we have Art in the Schools in March, which is where the local elementary schools display their art,” Adams said. “We thought it might be nice to extend that and offer art exhibits that change every month.”

It will be completely free for local artists who would like their work displayed. The library will even offer a chance for each artist to hold a reception while his or her work is showcased.

The first piece of art on display in September will be from Anne Weikart.

“The opening art exhibit in September is an older woman who died last year,” Adams said. “She actually displayed her art in other locations before. She did a lot of watercolor and water scenes.”

The chosen artist for October is Chesapeake High School junior Molly Evans; and in November, retired Chesapeake High teacher John Maguire. The paintings will all be displayed in the recently renovated library meeting room.

“We just had some upgrades done to the meeting room and the room looks really good,” Adams said. “And we always liked having the students' art up in March because it makes it look so pretty. I know that other libraries in our counties do this, like North County, so I talked to North County about how they do this and thought that it would be a great opportunity here.”

Adams thinks that the art on display at Mountain Road Library will be successful because of the small-town feel Pasadena encompasses.

“I think that down here on the peninsula it seems to be a close-knit community, where a lot of people know each other,” she said. “I think this is a great opportunity for the community to connect. It is also a great way for the library to be a part of the community.”

Those interested in having their work displayed, or those seeking more information, should contact the Mountain Road Library at 410-222-6699.


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