Northeast Prepares for 'Historic' Blizzard, Maryland Likely Spared

From New Jersey to New England, residents are preparing for as much as three feet of snow from Winter Storm Nemo.

Let's be clear about one thing: Maryland will not be bombarded with a massive snowstorm this weekend.

But people in this area are still keeping an eye on a large weather system that could dump 1-3 feet of snow onto parts of the Northeast. 

They are calling it Winter Storm Nemo, and weather forecasts show predicted snowfall stretching from the middle of Pennsylvania all the way to Maine. The New York, Connecticut and Boston areas are preparing themselves for snowfall totals that would be among the largest in their histories. 

The Weather Channel is calling it a potentially "historic, crippling blizzard."

Specific snowfall predictions are a bit tough to come by so far, in part because the three weather models that meteorologists rely on are showing different things. But the National Weather Service is showing a 70 percent chance of a least one foot of snow in eastern New England, and its latest weather advisory indicated that 18 to 24 inches is possible near Boston. 

A blizzard watch will be in effect there from Friday morning through Saturday. By definition, a blizzard means there will be heavy winds to go along with the snow, and the NWS said the storm will come with steady winds of 20-30 miles per hour with gusts up to 55. 

"Be prepared to alter any travel plans," the NWS said.

So how will this storm affect us here in Maryland? It won't directly, but forecasts show there will be rain rolling in early Friday morning and lasting for much of the day. It's not supposed to be cold enough to snow here, but any dip in temperatures could lead to a wintry mix or icy conditions. 

For localized and on-the-ground coverage of the blizzard in the Northeast, be sure to check out any of the dozens of Patch sites located in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Go to patch.com to search for the town that you're most curious about. 


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