Pasadena Teen Headed to Music School in Boston

Megan Griffith is graduating from Annapolis Area Christian School and taking her songwriting talents to Berklee College of Music in Boston.

A few months ago, as Megan Griffith finished her audition for the Berklee College of Music, one of her reviewers said she sounded like a mix between Adele and Elton John. She wasn't sure if that was a good thing.

A few weeks later, in the middle of the night, she ran to her parents' room to tell them it was indeed a good thing; she had just opened an email of her acceptance letter into Berklee.

Griffith, 17, is graduating from Annapolis Area Christian School this month, and she is taking her budding music career from her hometown of Pasadena to Berklee, in Boston, for one of the few songwriting programs in the country.

"I have to get better at what I do–that's reason I'm going to this school," Griffith told Patch. "If this is the only way, then I don't have a choice."

Unlike many of her future classmates, Griffith only started seriously playing music two years ago, when she took up the piano.

She found a cathartic escape with music, helping her get past some particularly venomous bullying and peer pressure at school.

In the time since, she has learned six instruments, produced her first radio single and got accepted into a music school that boasts alumni like John Mayer and Quincy Jones.

A studio video of her single "Goodbye" is on YouTube, and the officials music video will be out in June.

Griffith, who is taking the stage name "Meg Elizabeth," said she is looking to be fully immersed in music theory and practice.

"Being around other people who are talented...it's going to make me want to move forward and progress," she said.

Knowing piano, guitar, drums, violin, alto saxophone and djembe–a West African hand drum–she should have a place in many college jam sessions. But she is really looking to hone her skills as a songwriter.

"For me it's personal, and more than just singing someone else's stuff," Griffith told Patch.

Reggie Honore, a musician from New Orleans, has helped produce some of Griffith's early work. He said her skills will be taken to another level once she can devote the majority of her time mastering her performance and songwriting technique.

"She plays a lot of instruments and she has a great ear," Honore said. "As she goes along, she just gets better."

"Not only will she be applying herself [to music] in her off time, when she's in class, she'll be in that environment of musicians."

Watch Griffith play her song "Whitewater" in the video above.


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