Sailabration Ships Depart from Baltimore

Did you go to any local spots to watch the ships leave Baltimore?

Last Wednesday many people gathered at . Today, those ships are departing from the Inner Harbor and headed back home.

The departure marks the end of the weeklong Star-Spangled Sailabration held at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The event featured more that 40 ships from around the world in an effort to commemorate the War of 1812.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the navy vessels left the Harbor at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, with the taller ships to follow. Those who ventured to or in Pasadena may have seen the ships depart.

Many people gathered at Fort Smallwood last Wednesday to see the ships arrive. There were many local residents in attendance, including retired . The event drew people from all over who hoped to get a glimpse of history.

Tell Us: Did you make it to Baltimore for the celebration? What did you think of the event?


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