TELL US: Are Bulldogs Dangerous or Protective?

Leave a comment to tell us what you think about the incident last month where two American bulldogs were shot by police after they attacked a boy and an officer.

Last month, Anne Arundel County police shot two bulldogs after one attacked a 7-year-old boy in Pasadena.

The owner of the two American bulldogs, Billy Fifer, faces multiple citations and fines but told The Maryland Gazette that the dogs were "protecting his pregnant girlfriend" during the incident.

Police arrived at a home in the 3400 block of Barnsley Court in Pasadena at 5:39 p.m. on Dec. 1, 2011, and found the boy being attacked by one of the dogs.

Patch reported that the officer shot the dog that was attacking the boy, and the second dog reportedly turned on the officer and was also shot. Police said Anne Arundel County Animal Control came out to the home and euthanized both bulldogs.

Fifer told The Maryland Gazette that he thinks it's unfair for the community to accuse the dogs of being dangerous when they were just being protective of his family.

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