The Great Escape: Pasadena Golf Center

If you are looking to get away from it all without having to sacrifice the element of fun, then this week’s Great Escape may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

This week we take you to the Pasadena Golf Center.  Here you will find an impressively picturesque miniature golf course as well as batting cages.  If you are a sporty, adventurous person then this will be one of the best Great Escapes imaginable.

Tucked along Mountain Road, the Pasadena Golf Center could be missed if you weren’t looking for it.  Upon entry into the winding parking lot, your eyes won’t believe what is right in front of you.  So much more than a mere miniature golf course, the Pasadena Golf Center has a wonderful staff that is eager to meet and assist you whenever possible.

Just like many places in the Pasadena/Severna Park area don’t be surprised if you are putting away next to a Baltimore Ravens pro footballer because rumor has it that they have stopped by a time or two.

Not only is this the perfect escape from it all, it is a good way to tone up your arms for the summer months.  Even mini golf has its fitness benefits.  But if golf is not your forte, then why not head over to the batting cages and work on your swing?  Going to the Pasadena Golf Center is something that never gets old and one of the great things about it is that it is open year round. 


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