Top 10 Comments from Once-A-Week Trace Facebook Discussion

See what your neighbors are saying about recycling, trash pickup schedules and the stench.

On Tuesday afternoon, Patch published a poll across all our sites in the region to see if .

Across all the sites, users posted 52 comments, and counting. Pasadena Patch readers specifically sounded-off on Facebook, each giving their opinions on the trash pickup situation. (Please take a moment to like Pasadena Patch on Facebook if you haven’t)

As of Wednesday afternoon, readers left 17 comments on Facebook to give their opinion on the matter and discuss how it was affecting them personally.

Here is a rundown of the top 10 comments that were insightful, angry or just entertaining.

Robin Griffith Herzberger: I think it's garbage...pun intended

Crystal Robbins: Poor trash guys. They have to pick up twice as much trash now on the weeks after we forget to put it out.

Shelley Dillon Mikeska: We are a family of four, without a garbage disposal. We never used the second trash day anyway. We put out two of the tall recycling bins filled to the max every week. Would love the new huge recycling bin.

John Famini: It all stinks! I think the county did this so they could lay off a few employees!

Robin Griffith Herzberger: We are a family of six, without a garbage disposal. We don't use the second trash day in the winter, but in summer months, trash doesn't smell good after a week especially crab trash!

George A. Kirby: It sucks! And, when the weather gets really hot and steamy, it's going to really STINK! My pick-up day was Monday. Had to call and complain because they didn't pick-up the recycle trash in our neighborhood. Typical government maneuver.....Save money by screwing the tax payers.

Jean Tomaszewski Garner: I don't like our pick up day - Friday. If we have crabs on the weekend, the garbage really stinks by Friday.

Amy Anderson Lynch: It does take some getting used to, like planning certain meals on the night before pickup, so the trash goes out the next morning instead of sitting around for a few days (like trimmings from chicken and rotisserie bones) or I put them in the freezer until the day trash gets picked up. A sturdy trash can with a tight-fitting lid helps too.

Steve Hale: More flies hanging around the week old trash in the can.

Dana Sala Richman: Not sure what was worse, the smell of rotting meat or the maggots in my trash can, I actually had to keep the windows closed.

More than 531 votes have been cast since our poll went live Tuesday afternoon. If you haven’t chimed in on the topic or taken the poll, .

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