Top Ten Comments From Coyote Attack Facebook Discussion

See what your neighbors had to say about last week’s story on the coyote attack.

Last week, The Maryland Gazette reported that a Pasadena woman witnessed two coyotes attack and kill her 13-year-old cat Tiger.

It may have surprised some to hear that there are coyotes in Maryland, but it didn’t startle Pasadena Patch Facebook readers who sounded off on the coyote situation in Pasadena.

Harry Spiker, Game Mammal Section leader for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, told Patch that while the presence of coyotes in Maryland is a lot lower than in Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties, .

“We know we have coyotes statewide," Spiker said. "They are present in all 23 counties, so hearing that there are some in Anne Arundel County doesn’t come as a surprise.”

Facebook users said they too have seen coyotes in the Pasadena area. Some people may have confused the coyote for a fox, but many said they have definitely seen them.

Pasadena Facebook fans left 21 comments on the coyote post. Here is a rundown of the top 10 comments that were insightful, informative or just entertaining:

Scott Hommel: I haven't seen them, though they are necessary to Marland's ecosystems as they are just about the only predator of white-tailed deer other than oncoming traffic

Lisa Sizemore: there is one in green gables also, I see him often, my last encounter with him, he just sat in my driveway and stared at me and I couldn’t figure out what it was until now, all this talk about how they just stare and after seeing pictures that’s what the unknown animal is.. So not only do I have deer in my yard, a Raccoon, a fox, a ground hog living in my yard driving my dogs crazy now I have to deal with a damn Coyote, where are we in West Virginia! haha..

Robin Griffith Herzberger: Just posted a pic of one in my neighbors driveway. We live near North Shore Rd and hear them in the woods by Loopers Field all the time. I thought the one I took a picture of was a hybrid fox/dog but coyote makes more sense haha. It had huge ears, long legs, long nose, thinner tail with black tip that he held down not out like a fox and he was NOT afraid of my car, my flash, or us! I think he may have actually been a baby, he wasn't very big.

Ken Lawrence: We have wild cats in Selby Grove, send one down here. Quick!

Jay Stull: Unkle Ken - When did you get a pet coyote? ;-)

Jennifer Kloch-Davis: I saw one and no-one believed me, they all thought I was telling a story, now there's proof!

Mike Post: They have been in the area for quite awhile 1st one i ever saw was dead (hit by a vehicle) on Rt 10 just pass Mt. Rd. about 8 years ago . They are primarily known for being pack animals however so this may just be the beginning.

Tom Williams: Sorry.. I'm not a cat lover...survival of the smartest I guess!

Kathy Kidwell: Saw one the other night driving down Rt.100 between Catherine Ave & Rt. 2

Allen Fairbrother: Its amazing the critters that roam this state, most people don’t realize back in 1877 there were native elk in western MD, 1903 saw the last wolf, bears are making a great comeback and time will only tell what else comes back as long as they stop the building and clear cutting

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Gammyo July 31, 2012 at 02:01 PM
What are the prey of the coyote and are they dangerous to humans?
Kaitlyn Carr (Editor) July 31, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Hi Gammyo, Here is the link to the original article on the coyote attack: http://pasadena.patch.com/articles/coyote-kills-pasadena-woman-s-cat Coyotes prey on small animals
Shawn B July 31, 2012 at 05:45 PM
2 winters ago, my husband came in after walking the dog in the AM and asked me to come with him. At the end of our street, near our neighbors' cul-de-sac we saw the shredded remains of what appeared to have been a small flock of geese. It was a massacre and we could not figure out what could have done this. Clearly, it wasn't one animal, as you would imagine if it were, some of the geese could have gotten away. This kind of seems to explain what may have happened then. We live off Lake Shore Dr. and near Loopers Field, makes sense I guess.


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