Whiz Kid

Every week we feature an outstanding area kid.

This weeks Pasadena Patch Whiz Kid is the adorable Chloe!

  • Chloe Rhodes, age 2 (almost!)

  • Accomplishment: Inspiring others with her joyful spirit

  • Key to Awesomeness:

At first glance Chloe may seem like an average toddler. She has big cheeks, a cute smile, loves Tinker Bell and tea parties, follows her big brother everywhere, and she's her Daddy's biggest fan.

But Chloe has severe food allergies, which have caused sickness throughout her young life, speech issues, and some developmental delays. “You would never think food allergies could be so hard to deal with until you have a child that is allergic to so much,” says her mother, Leslie. It's an ongoing struggle, she says, because “allergies affect her in so many ways and we keep finding new things she is allergic to.” Not everyone is aware that food allergies can be a serious health issue. “It is hard to explain that she can't have this or that.”

"When some people look at Chloe, they see a kid who has horrible food allergies and barely speaks. But I call her my little Rocky Balboa. I wouldn't change a thing about her. She's brave, independent, funny, and loving. She's a joy in our lives and she reminds me to never give up."

See more photos of Chloe on her mother's photography blog.


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