Local Family Crowd Sourcing Money for Dog's Injured Leg

The goal is $1,300, about a third of the expected surgery costs.

(Photo credit: GoFundMe.com)
(Photo credit: GoFundMe.com)
An Annapolis family is crowd-sourcing funds for their dog who needs surgery after being struck by a car.

On Monday, the Coulter's family dog Penny was accidentally let out of the house, and was struck by a car within minutes. The family is now trying to raise the necessary funds online through GoFundMe.com for surgery or amputation for Penny.

"Penny has a transverse trivial fracture that requires a metal plate to be put in that's why it is costing so much.please if you could just donate anything that would help our kids just love her so much and this hasn't been easy from them to see her this way," according to the Coulter family's posting.

The goal is $1,300, about a third of the expected surgery costs. As of Thursday, the family has recede about $220 with donations ranging from $10 to $50.

Thursday, the family updated their page saying they have already put some of the donations toward Penny's prescription drugs.

If you are interested in donating to the family's cause, visit their page on GoFundMe.com.


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