Chesapeake Grad Throws for Georgetown Softball Team

Megan Hyson, a former Cougar, adjusts to college life on the field and in the classroom.

Former softball player Megan Hyson has taken her athletic talents to the next level, and is now a pitcher for the Georgetown softball team.

During her time at Chesapeake, Hyson was named to The Washington Post All-Met team and The Baltimore Sun All-Met selection team. In her free time, Hyson serves as a youth pitching coach.

Patch caught up with the former Cougar, now a Hoya, to see how her life as a college softball player is going.

Pasadena Patch: Why did you decide to go to a more local school like Georgetown?
Megan Hyson:
Well, Georgetown offers a great education and, when I came to visit, I just loved the campus. Also, they have a softball team and after meeting them it just felt like home. I enjoy being close to home and close to my family.

Pasadena Patch: How has your first year at Georgetown been going? And has it lived up to your expectations?
It was pretty tough at first, but with all the help Georgetown gave it definitely helped me adjust. It is going very well now.

Pasadena Patch: How would you say playing softball at Chesapeake prepared you for softball at the college level?
Probably just that fact that we had practice every day; that definitely helped me stay in shape. It also helped me get used to working as a team.

Pasadena Patch: What is your favorite memory from your years of playing softball at Chesapeake?
There’s a lot actually, but my favorite is probably when we beat Northeast my senior year. The game went to extra innings and it was on senior night.

Pasadena Patch: What would you say the biggest difference between playing at Chesapeake and playing at Georgetown has been?
It’s definitely the competition; especially playing teams from different states and traveling. That part of it is very different.

Pasadena Patch: What is your major? And how are classes going?
I’m a nursing major. School is going pretty good. I am keeping up with the work and I am really enjoying all of the classes I am taking.


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