Pasadena History: Green Haven Offers Vacation Destination

An ice man would deliver to your home four times a week.

Here is your weekly dose of some Pasadena history thanks to The Pasadena Peninsula by Isabel Shipley Cunningham:

In the 1920s, Green Haven offered a vacation getaway location for many locals on the peninsula. Many people flocked to Green Haven at the end of a work week to enjoy some time off, and an abundance of amenities.

“While other developments were selling larger lots for more money, Charles Merriweather Christian continued to lay out small lots in Outing Park or Green Haven,” Cunningham wrote.

“Charles Christian promised property owners many amenities: an ice man would deliver at homes four times a week, a laundry man would call twice a week, and the milk man, butcher, baker and mail carrier came every day.

"Further reasons to settle in Green Haven included protection of property by the Burns Detective Agency and the encouraging news of good radio reception in a few homes, leading Mr. Christian to conclude that ‘Green Haven seems to be an ideal location for radio.’”

Check back next Wednesday for more Pasadena history. For a complete listing of all Tidbits of History columns please click here.


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