Great Escape: Lake Shore Antiques

Turn back the hands of time and take a fantastic voyage to a place filled with wonder where treasures come alive.

Tip toe into a menagerie of wonder from decades past and find your smile and inner child only at Lake Shore Antiques and More.  Renowned as one of Pasadena’s hidden gems, Lake Shore Antiques and more is conveniently located on Mountain Road across from Lake Shore Plaza.

Get in tuned with your inner Indiana Jones and go on a breathtaking local adventure as you peruse the rooms of the quaint shop.  From furniture and glassware, to rustic art pieces and knick knacks, this place is full of little treasures.

Busy moms with a penchant for adventure and an insatiable curiosity will find that Lake Shore Antiques and More holds the keys to that distant yet wonderful past known as childhood.  Walk up stairs and indulge in the mystery of local and national history that each room reveals.

Treasure hunting just doesn’t get any better than this!  The building that houses the store is steeped in local history that dates back to the 19th century when Mountain Road was but a dirt thoroughfare that led into Glen Burnie.

So if you are looking to get lost in time while doing a bit of treasure hunting then Lake Shore Antiques is the place for you.


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