TELL US: How Should Teachers Handle Students Who Talk Back?

After a recent incident at Arundel Middle where a teacher confronted a student about behavior issues, Patch wants to know what you think about the best way to keep a classroom under control.

A video surfaced last week online depicting a confrontation between a student and teacher in a classroom at Arundel Middle School in Odenton.

More than 60 comments on Odenton-Severn Patch express readers' reactions to the video and the way the situation was handled.

A teacher was placed on administrative leave after an incident that became public in a video showing what appeared to be a confrontation with students regarding behavior in the classroom. The school system launched an investigation.

Arundel Middle School Principal Yolanda Clark said in a letter to parents that the teacher had shown "poor judgment" in her behavior toward students.

"This behavior is inconsistent with that which we expect of our educators, and our school system is addressing this matter quickly," Clark wrote.

However, some readers—including students—left comments in defense of the teacher.

"People need to stop blaming our educators and place the responsible for general behavioral issues back on the parents," wrote Marlboro Girl.

Another reader also placed blame on the student.

"That girl was disrespectful and needs to be suspended!" wrote Sdwy.

Others could see both sides and thought the teacher didn't handle the situation correctly.

"It is NOT acceptable for children to talk back and disrespect teachers. However, it is the teacher's job to rise above it and remain mature and professional when faced with a disrespectful student. Send her to the Principal's office and get on with the lesson," wrote Calique.

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TELL US: How should teachers handle students who talk back? Leave a comment to let us know.

parent of 2 February 12, 2013 at 12:25 PM
If lawyers and firing are what happens in this case then we can all forget about our children getting real educations. The inappropriateness of this teacher in this case could stem from other scenarios. We do not know the extent of this childs behavioral issues. Is she a good student who has done nothing before or is this an ongoing issue with her. Yes the teacher mishandled. Nobody's perfect. The question was How should teachers handle students who talk back. With a swift kick in the @#$. Not literally but verbally and loudly. The classroom is the teachers office. They must maintain control of there domain. You would not want your employees to disrespect you even if you are wrong. Morally or ethically. These middle school students need discipline from there parents as well as the adults they come in contact with, especially teachers. We can not expect our country to persevere while allowing our thirteen year olds to run our schools. The child with the cell phone video taping should also be reprimanded in this case. I have 2 children in AACPS schools. they are well behaved with no discipline issues. That is because of my wife and I teaching them right from wrong. The teacher had already spoken with the childs parents. This is obviously an on going issue. I do not applaud the teacher and the way she handled this issue, but she does not deserve to be fired, transferred of disciplined in any way.
keith S February 12, 2013 at 12:40 PM
I hear everyone on the teacher should rise above but you never know with children now they have too much control over adults they know they cant be touched by teachers or even parents as the law states so we has disrespectful children with no regard about authority. I say empower our teachers and parents so they can teach discipline and respect.
stacey February 12, 2013 at 03:45 PM
if you watched the whole video that was not the teacher of class and the teacher should not ever got in her face the student never went towards her . all the other students asked what she did wrong then the teacher keep yelling at them all . kept kept saying she to respect and that they trying to set her up. she should just sent her down to office instead yelling in her face. if that my child even if she did something wrong you never get in her face , i would be right at that school having that teacher job . stop blaming parents we cant not control there attiudes at school we hope we guide them right way. That girl never did yell or flip out the way that teacher was , just stood their and listen, what disrespect did she give but ask what she did. You all blaming the kid and parents but teacher should never did that should sent to office and called parents right away if she was that bad off .
Shannon February 12, 2013 at 04:07 PM
Our kids don't get "real" educations anyways. It is all geared toward how these kids score on some MSA Test so that their Administration can get their bonuses and look good. Anti-bullying...yeah right...what ever happened to the "no tolerance of violence" that has been put in effect. If a kid hits another student they should be expelled, but that NEVER happens until they do it repeatedly, and yet you think your kids are safe at school? I agree with the fact that their needs to be a better discipline system in place and the Administration and Board of Ed needs to follow through with what they put on paper. If they continue to worry about how they look instead of the Future of America, then we are doomed!!! Honestly, I am sure the little girl comes across with an attitude, but 14 minutes of "educational time" was ridiculous. All those kids learned was that "Mrs. Blue is not the one!" She definitely needs anger management. She is dealing with tweens and teens...they are all over the place at that age. Put them in their place, but be effective in your efforts. AACPS needs to get it together in general. They are making themselves look really bad within the last week, and they are not handling things correctly. Maybe Mr. Maxwell needs to step down, and put someone in there that can handle the position.
justbeachy February 13, 2013 at 08:19 AM
Sorry, but you're really wrong on this one; first of all, that is NOT the teacher of that class; she came in there & her rant in this girls' face went on for fourteen minutes- that's ABUSE in my opinion, whether she had a previous issue with this student or not! The girl repeatedly asks what she did wrong, only for this 'teacher' to rant all the more! And, just look at that 'stance', the way she's hovered directly over that girl- it's AGGRESIVE & THREATENING. Also, as she ranted, she continuously spit into this girl's face! If she was that furious with this student, why not arrange a meeting with the parents, the principal & the student to address the problem, if for no other reason, to do a CYA so she wouldn't risk any disiplinary actions against herself? Inexcusable.


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