The Great Escape: East West Bistro

Get ready to escape to a place of mystery and intrigue where the lore of the ancient East will tantalize your soul and your appetite.

Step into Pasadena’s very own red corner as you take in the edible treasures of the East West Bistro.  Conveniently located in the Pasadena Plaza Shopping Center, East West Bistro boasts quality Asian cuisine at a great price.  If you are a searching for the perfect place to slip away from it all, look no further.

If you have ever dreamed of jet-setting away to explore the mysteries of the ancient East then East West Bistro is definitely the place to go.  Bold, rich hues of crimson line the walls, furniture and floors of this decadent restaurant.  In a sense, when you walk into East West Bistro, it feels as if you are walking into an Asian Tea House. 

For busy parents, the bistro is a dream come true.  The menu is simply irresistible.  The elegant cuisine includes but is not limited to: sushi, sashimi, Hunan crispy duck, fresh scallops and a host of stir fried foods. 

Parking is ample and upon entry a cheerful host will greet you and usher you to your seats.  The service is good and the staff is appeasing.  East West Bistro is one of those restaurants where busy parents can get cozy while enjoying a great meal.

So, if you are looking for a place with a bit of ambiance to balance out your busy lifestyle, then East West Bistro is the place for you.


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