The Great Escape: Jamz Dance Center

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade by shaking your grove thing at Jamz Dance Center!

Have you ever wanted to just let loose and show these youngsters how to throw down?  Well, this week’s Great Escape is for all of those hip mamas and papas who love to bust a move on the kitchen floor.  So if you’re an undercover dancing queen (or king) listen up!

Hidden in one of the many cattycorners on Mountain Road is none other than Jamz Dance Center - a premier center for dance in the heart of Pasadena.  With a mission that boasts “providing superior instruction to all students in a fun and rewarding environment” Jamz Dance Center ranks second to none when it comes to the perfect getaway for parents who love to pump up the jams when their kids aren’t looking.

Jamz takes the average dance class to a daring new height by fusing some of the country’s top choreographers (many of who have been featured on national television shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and top films) with state of the art audio video equipment. 

The center features instruction for an array of dance styles.  From hip hop, to breakin’, acrobatics, jazz, tap, ballet, fusion, zumba, salsa, meringue and a host of other styles getting away to dance at Jamz will be a most exhilarating experience for any busy parent seeking to up their cool meter and jam on it!  So pull out your leg warmers, sweatbands, and dancing shoes and get your dance on - who knew that getting away from it all could be so easy and so fun!

For more information on Jamz Dance Center visit their website at www.jamzdancecenter.com.


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