Wine You Have Got to 'Gott'

A review of the 2008 Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon.

This week we examine the Joel Gott 815 cabernet sauvignon.

Joel Gott winery has been producing wine since 1996 but many people only recently became aware of them. How could that be?

Quite simply Joel and his wife Sarah started very small purchasing fruit from one of Joel’s boyhood friends. From there he began to expand his range of wines by forming relationships with growers all over California’s premier growing regions.

After more than a decade of making all of these deals with some of California’s finest growers Joel hooked up with Trinchero Family Estates and the result of this merger was the increased distribution that has made Joel Gott a household name on many wine lists in many restaurants around the state.

Not much of this matters to most people, what matters is how does it taste and what it's gonna cost. To that end, let us begin our examination.

In the Store: A very humdrum label does its best to not oversell this every day wine. Priced at only $15.99 at Christos Discount Liquors (7175 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd.) this modest and understated classic label is easy to overlook. Of note is the 815 prominently placed in the center of the label in bright red. It is actually an homage to Joel and Sarah’s daughter born on August 15, 2003, the first year they released this cabernet.

In The Glass: The wine pours a dark nearly opaque purple with a bright ruby rim. No real “legs” to speak of, but at 13.9 percent alcohol that is to be expected.

On The Nose: Aromas of blueberry, cassis, currants, cherry all with hints of anise and cedar are very typical of any Cabernet. What is nice here is that for less than $20 this Cabernet presents classical aromas with a promise of balanced alcohol and acid notes.

On Your Palate: This wine is medium bodied, with soft tannins and a pleasant finish of cocoa and coffee. Bright fruit on the front with a very subtle espresso finish overall makes it very pleasant if not a tad mundane. This wine is easy drinking—chuggable by any standard—yet refined enough for a Sunday supper with the in-laws.

On The Plate: Burgers, hot dogs, roast chicken, 90 percent of your crock pot favorites—this wine will go with more food than you can imagine. The great thing about an everyday wine like this is it will go with most anything you are eating on any given day. Check back next week for a recipe that pairs well with this cabernet.

Out Of Your Wallet: At $15.99 how wrong could you go? This is a nice wine in a nice looking bottle that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You will not swoon over this wine; you aren’t going to bring anyone to tears with how thoughtful you are for giving them a glass. The important thing here is you are not likely to embarrass yourself even on a first date with this wine.

Overall this wine scored a strong 85 points out of 100. When rating wines I always take price into consideration and I think this one holds favorably up to most of the other cabernets in this price range.

Did I love it? No. Will I drink it again? You betcha. The next time I need a glass of red at the end of a long day, reaching for a bottle of Joel Gott is gonna sound like a good idea to me!  Head on over to Christos Discount Liquors today and tell them Kurt sent you.

Terri Peters September 08, 2011 at 09:45 PM
We're excited to try this wine! Can't wait to get the recipe that pairs with it next week.


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