County Officials Warn Against Bonfires, Recreational Burning

Because of drought conditions, the Department of Health will not be issuing licenses for open fires until further notice.

The , in consultation with the fire department, suspended issuing licenses to conduct open fires throughout the county on Friday because of drought conditions.

The license suspension is in effect until further notice and all previously issued open burning licenses are suspended, according to the health department's website.

The health department also recommends that residents suspend open recreational burning—including bonfires, campfires and backyard fires in fire pits—until after a significant rainfall.

Earlier this week, the fire department issued a statement that recent spring temperatures and low humidity have created . The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a red flag warning so firefighters and management agencies could be on the lookout for wildfires and brush fires.

It took nearly 50 firefighters to put out a brush fire in a Riviera Beach community in Pasadena on Monday afternoon.

For more information on open fire restrictions, see the Department of Health's website.


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