Stolen Ravens Tickets Lead to Anne Arundel Twosome

Police charged a Pasadena man and a Glen Burnie woman in the daytime door kick-in burglaries in Howard County.

Police charged a man and a woman from Anne Arundel County in connection with daytime door kick-in burglaries throughout Howard County after tracking them to a pair of stolen Baltimore Ravens tickets.

Police said Joseph Leo Baumgarten, 40, of Pasadena, and Dianna Marketti, 30, of Glen Burnie, were charged early Friday with committing four burglaries, but police said they may have been involved with 10 additional cases.

In each incident, the suspect or suspects would kick in a door, work their way to the master bedroom, ransack it and steal jewelry and other valuables, police said.

Baumgarten and Marketti were arrested at a traffic stop Thursday night. They were charged with first-, third- and fourth-degree burglary, theft and malicious destruction of property.

Ravens tickets that the suspects reportedly stole from a house in Ellicott City on Sept. 24 were ultimately their undoing, said police.

The tickets led police to the Ravens game in Baltimore on Sept. 27. At the game, police asked the people sitting in the seats where they got the tickets. One person sitting in them said he ran a sports memorabilia shop and someone named Dianna Marketti had come into the shop and sold him the tickets, according to police.

Using Marketti's name, police said they discovered she drove a blue PT Cruiser.

A neighbor in a Sept. 26 burglary in Ellicott City reported seeing a dark-colored PT Cruiser in the victim's driveway the day of the crime, according to police. The car was also seen by a neighbor in the driveway of a Columbia home that was burglarized on Sept. 24, police said.

In addition, Marketti and Baumgarten were reportedly caught on camera at a pawn shop selling stolen merchandise from the burglaries, said police.

Besides the video, detectives said they had confirmed Baumgarten had allegedly sold stolen property from the burglaries to various pawn shops in recent days.

The four burglaries the two are charged with occurred on Sept. 12 in Woodbine, two on Sept. 24 in Ellicott City and Columbia, and a Sept. 26 burglary in Ellicott City, police said.

After a string of 10 door kick-in burglaries over three days throughout Howard County at the beginning of last week, police urged residents to be vigilant. On Thursday, police said no other burglaries had occurred since the announcement was made.

Mug shots of the two suspects will not be released by police until the investigation into 10 other similar cases is completed, said police spokesperson Sherry Llewellyn.

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