Thieves Steal $20,000 in Wiring From 5 Schools

Wiring was stolen from a portable classroom at High Point Elementary School in Pasadena.

Thieves ripped out more than $20,000 in electrical wiring at five schools across Anne Arundel County this month, school officials said.

Copper wiring was the target at stadium lights for three high schools—, and , said Anne Arundel County spokesperson Maneka Monk. Wiring for portable classrooms at two elementary schools— and —was also stolen, rendering the lights inoperable.

"First of all what was cut and stolen was electrical cabling that went through one re-locatable classroom, or one portable," said High Point Elementary principal Tim Merritt. "We are just awaiting our electricians to come out and repair it."

The thefts took place between July 7 and July 23. Old Mill was hit twice, Monk said. Damages have been estimated at more than $20,000. The school system will have to pay for the losses and repairs out of pocket.

“We have already ordered all the necessary parts and are working to replace them as quickly as we can,” Monk said.

Surveillance footage documenting the nights of the crimes at affected schools has been turned over to Anne Arundel County police investigators, Monk said.

"The portable is not being used during the summer, it is vacant, and we are just waiting for electricians to come out and rerun the wire to fix the lights," Merritt said.

Pasadena Patch Editor Kaitlyn Carr contributed to this report.


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