Female Trooper Seriously Injured While Aiding in Traffic Stop in Pasadena

The Maryland state trooper was hit by a car and propelled into another car, according to police.

A trooper was stuck in Pasadena early Sunday morning. (Credit: Patch File Photo)
A trooper was stuck in Pasadena early Sunday morning. (Credit: Patch File Photo)
A Maryland state trooper was in serious condition Sunday morning after being struck by a car while assisting another trooper during a traffic stop in Pasadena. 

The trooper is identified as Jacqueline A. Kline, according to a news release from the Maryland State Police Department. Kline sustained head injuries and a broken arm. 

Kline was listed in serious condition at the Shock Trauma unit of the University of Maryland Medical Center.   

Police said the driver involved is identified as Enrique Guzman Jr., 21, of Pasadena. He was driving a 2007 Nissan Versa. No charges have been filed, according to police.   

According to a release, at about 1 a.m. Sunday, a K-9 trooper from the Glen Burnie Barrack stopped a suspected drunk driver on eastbound Route 100, just before the exit for Catherine Avenue. The trooper was administering field sobriety tests to the driver on the shoulder of Route 100 when Kline stopped at the scene to help. Both troopers were operating marked patrol cars and had their overhead lights activated.

A preliminary investigation indicates Guzman was driving eastbound on Route 100, intending to exit at Catherine Avenue. As Kline got out of her car, and walked on the highway shoulder toward the patrol car in front of her, the car driven by Guzman struck her, according to police.      

Police said Kline was struck by the right front of the Nissan and hit the hood of the car. She was then propelled into the back of the State Police K-9 car where she struck the back windshield and metal K-9 cage inside the car. The trooper fell off the police car and landed in a ditch near the highway shoulder, according to the news release.  

Kline was flown by a U.S. Park Police helicopter to the Shock Trauma Center. No other injuries were reported.

Guzman remained at the scene, police said. Troopers administered field sobriety and drug recognition tests to him, and found no evidence that he was driving under the influence. He was apparently returning to his home after work.   

Eastbound Route 100 was closed for about four hours following the incident. 

State Police Crash Team investigators will be completing a detailed crash investigation. They will forward their findings to the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office for review regarding charges.   

The driver originally stopped by the K-9 trooper was found not to be operating under the influence. He was issued a warning for speeding. 
Aviator October 06, 2013 at 01:57 PM
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Trooper Kline for a speedy recovery.
Robert Curry October 31, 2013 at 08:05 AM
The LIGHTS on many police vehicles are so BRIGHT at night that they make it VERY difficult to see persons or objects nearby!-While such brightness is good in DAYTIME, a lesser level at night would greatly reduce causing "night blindness" from the excess glare of such high brightness at night. This hazard from overly bright night time lighting will probably continue, until MORE accidents are caused, as it seems little concern is given to the blinding of other motorists during emergency vehicle operation, AND highway maintenance at night, as often police spotlights and work crew lighting are not shielded, and are directed into the eyesight of approaching vehicles! If an approaching driver has any factor that makes such lighting effects WORSE, such as tiredness, drug or alcohol use, advanced age, diabetes, glaucoma, etc. chances for an accident INCREASE! Emercency responders and other nightime highway workers, it is time to realize that TOO MUCH STRAY LIGHT can be VERY BAD!


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