30 Years Later, County Executive Reflects on Rape

Laura Neuman said she hopes that by sharing her story, she can be an advocate for rape victims.

(Courtesy of WUSA9)
(Courtesy of WUSA9)
County Executive Laura Neuman recently spoke with a Television news station about the night, 30 years ago, when she was sexually assaulted in Baltimore. 

When Neuman was 18, working and living on her own in Northeast Baltimore, her face was covered with a pillow, a gun was put to her head, and she was violently raped.

After the traumatizing incident, she was devastated that neither her family or the police seemed to believe her. 

Instead, self-reliance became her strength, and 20 years later, Neuman convinced police to reopen her case. It took just three days to find the suspect, after Neuman provided fingerprint evidence from the scene.

Neuman does not shy away from the incident that changed her life. She volunteered details about her rape during her interview with the Anne Arundel County Council, when she was a candidate for executive. She said she hopes that by sharing her story, she can be an advocate for rape victims.

Read more about Neuman's experience and how she faced her attacker two decades after her assault on WUSA9. 


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