Edgewater, Davidsonville, South County Voters Favored Romney

After breaking down election results by precinct, President Obama only won two of the 18 precincts that had polling stations in Edgewater, Davidsonville and south county.

Residents in Edgewater, Davidsonville and south county showed strong interest in the general election Tuesday, as voter turnout outpaced the national average in many precincts.

Turnout was especially high in pockets of south county, where nearly two-thirds of registered voters cast their ballots. 

Poll results showed that voters heavily favored Mitt Romney throughout the region. So much so, that only two of the 18 precincts favored President Obama—voters at Shady Side and Lothian elementary schools.

Those who voted at Davidsonville Elementary, South River High, Southern High and Mayo Elementary proved to be the biggest Romney fans, as each of their precincts eclipsed the 60-percent mark for the GOP candidate. 

In the precincts where Obama won, the final vote was very close as the Democrat earned 53.5 percent at Shady Side Elementary and 50.1 percent at Lothian Elementary.

Check out the full list of voting station results at the Anne Arundel County elections website. 

Please note these are unofficial totals that do not include provisional ballot and absentee ballots. 

Here's a look at the election results in the Edgewater, Davidsonville and south county.

Note: Numbers next to some polling centers indicate the precinct, but some voting centers represented multiple precincts.

Precinct Voters Registered % Result Tracey's Elem 1567 2526 62 909-626 Romney Deale Elem 1527 2426 62.9 822-669 Romney Shady Side Elem (7-03) 990 1638 60.4 530-442 Obama Southern High (7-04) 965 1744 55.3 544-402 Romney Edgewater Elem 1203 2350 51.2 674-492 Romney Central Middle (7-06) 1455 2708 56.5 852-563 Romney Davidsonville Elem (7-07) 1325 2251 58.8 836-456 Romney Southern High (7-08) 1181 2019 58.4 667-484 Romney Lothian Elem 1201 2239 53.6 602-575 Obama Mayo Elem 1318 2181 55.8 805-474 Romney South River High 1116 2211 50.4 706-377 Romney Riva Vol. Fire Hall 1332 2216 58.6 761-540 Romney Edgewater Library 1255 2242 55.9 717-489 Romney Southern Middle 1387 2210 62.7 865-500 Romney Davidsonville Elem (7-22) 1238 2242 55.2 813-409 Romney South County Senior Center 857 1678 51.1 507-336 Romney Shady Side Elem (7-25) 1281 2044 62.6 697-548 Romney Central Middle (7-27) 619 1186 52.2 378-231 Romney

Jonathan Moynihan November 09, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Here is a county by county breakdown of how the votes played out in other parts of Maryland. It shows you exactly what the vote was and what the percentages were. Anne Arundel County as a whole barely leaned for Romney, giving him 49.2 percent of the vote, as opposed to Obama's 48.3 percent. http://elections.state.md.us/elections/2012/results/general/county_status_page.html
Brian Perry November 09, 2012 at 10:01 PM
@ Carol, because for the most part the masses are idiots that believe shows like Jersey Shore and Real housewives of Atlanta reprent the real world. We need to institute ID checks and tests to demonstrate a person possesses the brain power to make informed choices.
Boss November 11, 2012 at 03:28 PM
@Brian first of all go back to school and learn how to spell and write....second of all its prejudice,ignorant idiots like you in this area that force intelligent people like myself to come out and represent the "real world" by making intelligent decisions not based on skin color, but doing what's best for this country that has been in debt for many years. Your point and decision has been well taken! It's good to see the sheets have come off and the games have changed! LOL!
Ed Woods November 14, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Boss, Sorry, I disagree. I am an older person who has ALWAYS voted for the Individual, not the Party Line. The incumbent President has failed to take action on a lot of things simply because he didn't believe that there is a problem. I have very good health care coverage, because I worked for it, and continue to pay for it. I am adamant that I do not want to pay for coverage for those who are able, but unwilling, to work to pay for their own. Energy Costs are another example. "Green" energy is unaffordable. Period. We can continue to use Fossil fuels AND have cleaner air, within reason. Problem is the President doesn't want any fossil fuel used for any purpose, because his Green friends want Wind and Solar energy, which simply can't produce what this nation needs. Another "Green" Mess is Water Power. There is enough Water flowing downhill in this nation to meet our Electric Generation needs without Fossil, Solar, or Wind generation added to it, But the Environuts are opposed to Dams to provide the water pressure to run the Turbines. And who is the President supporting? The Environuts, of course...... We need real Leadership from someone who can make hard decisions without being scared of offending anyone.
CarolM November 14, 2012 at 02:37 PM
I agree with you. We need real Leadership. As a President you have to make decision...that's his job. Start making decisions to help the USA to grow, become a product maker again making sure there are jobs in our own country for our people to survive and feed their families. Teach our children in the school systems to become independent on themselves not on the government handouts. We, as a nation, were strong willed, determined, had ideas and made use of our ideas to make products that would bring us hope for our future. We need to develop our brain power again. We need hope for our families. Our government has broken our bodies and made us believe that we must take care of the world. We have to close our doors and start taking care of our citizens first. I am tired of how our country is being over ruled by illegal aliens and our government is willing to change our language to suit the illegals. If we as a nation start giving our own people advantages that we give to illegal aliens, we could have growth from within. Products are the key to success. We use make the best steel and other products. We surpassed most of the nations in our success rates, but that has changed. We are intelligent, but our Leaders are corrupt, selfish and controlling...they want us to fail. I am not a failure and neither are you. We must not allow our government to take our rights, privileges, religions and our great work habits away. We must fight for our rights again.


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