Fink Supports Ousted AD Snyder

Supporters of removed Chesapeake athletic director Chip Snyder gathered at Tuesday’s County Council meeting.

Family members of removed Chesapeake High School athletic director Chip Snyder gathered at the Anne Arundel County Council meeting Tuesday night to speak on the administrator’s behalf. Council Chairman Derek Fink also spoke out in support of Snyder.

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Snyder, along with varsity wrestling coach Paul Tolle, were removed from their positions last week pending an investigation into alleged unsafe student behavior at a wrestling tournament in December.

Snyder’s wife, Holly Snyder, spoke first during the time for public comments, saying that while she knows the council won’t be making the decision regarding her husband’s future, she hopes that as leaders of the community the council members will make others aware of the negative impact the investigation into the coaches is having on the community.

“The lives of people in the school and the community have been turned upside down when the decision was made to remove these two men from Chesapeake High School,” Snyder said. “We are hoping that you can put a bug in the Board of [Educations’] ear that these two individuals are highly respected and supported within the confines of the community.”

After Snyder finished speaking, Fink offered support for Chip Snyder.

“Not only is Chip Snyder an amazing man; he was also one of my teachers and my football coach,” Fink said. “I am confident that when this investigation is over he will be reinstated as not just a teacher at Chesapeake but also as athletic director. He deserves it. The community is behind your husband 100 percent.”

Chip Snyder’s brother and Pasadena resident Matt Snyder also addressed the council. He started off by thanking Fink for his support and talked about the support his brother has gained via social network sites like Facebook.

“There is a webpage specifically dedicated to this,” Matt Snyder said. “I think presently there are 749 supporters of this cause so it is more than just a high school, it is definitely the community.”

After Matt Snyder spoke, Fink added, “Thank you for coming out tonight; your brother’s getting the wrong end of the deal.”

Supporters of Chip Snyder are scheduled to gather again Wednesday evening at the Board of Education meeting located in the administration building, at 2644 Riva Rd. in Annapolis.

John Thomas January 18, 2012 at 12:44 PM
How come Patch did not mention the results of Councilman Jones's outcome on the County Council last night ? Does Derek Fink know why Snyder and Tolle were removed from their positions ? How come the general public is not allowed to know what the unsafe student behavior at a wrestling tournament in December was ?
Brad Gerick January 18, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Hi, John, here is the info on the Jones vote last night: http://pasadena.patch.com/articles/county-council-orders-vacancy-of-jones-seat We'll keep up with the wrestling issue, too. Thanks for your feedback!


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