Nigerians Visit Anne Arundel to Discuss Politics, Government

A group of local government officials from Lagos, Nigeria spoke with County Executive John Leopold and others about a variety of topics in Annapolis.

What would a group of officials from Nigeria want to know about America and, more specifically, Anne Arundel County? 

County Executive John Leopold discussed a variety of topics including American politics and government during a meeting at the Arundel Center in Annapolis on Wednesday.

According to the Anne Arundel County Office of Public Information:

Twenty-one mayors of the 57 local government chairmen/mayors from Lagos,  Nigeria learned about waste management, public water and wastewater treatment, highway and infrastructure management, health department operations, local government budgeting and economic development.

The Delegation gained a deeper understanding about how the county is administered and how various units meet their goals and allocate scarce resources. Lagos State, formerly Nigeria's capital city, is the country' commercial nerve center and the center of political articulation. Its 57 local counties constitute the main drivers of development.


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