Pasadena Polling Places Guide

Need to know where to vote? Check out the rundown of polling places in Pasadena.

Tuesday marks voting day for primary elections. It is a big day for Pasadena Republicans who will cast a vote for their party’s presidential nominee.

Here is a complete list of polling stations in the Pasadena area.

  • Bodkin Elementary School—8320 Ventnor Rd.
  • , B Side—4804 Mountain Rd.
  • —4798 Mountain Rd.
  • Community United Methodist Church—8680 Fort Smallwood Rd.
  • —8615 Fort Smallwood Rd.
  • Fort Smallwood Elementary School—1720 Poplar Ridge Rd.
  • George Fox Middle School—7922 Outing Ave.
  • High Point Elementary School—924 Duvall Highway
  • Jacobsville Elementary School—3801 Mountain Rd.
  • Lake Shore Elementary School—4531 Mountain Rd.
  • Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Company—4498 Mountain Rd.
  • —8128 Artic Dr.
  • Pasadena Elementary School—401 Pasadena Rd.
  • Pasadena United Methodist Church—61 Ritchie Highway
  • Riviera Beach Elementary School—8515 Jenkins Rd.
  • Sunset Elementary School—8572 Fort Smallwood Rd.
  • VFW Post #2462—1720 Bayside Beach Rd.

If you are unsure which polling place you should cast your vote at, check out this link.


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