16 Teachers Retiring from Local Schools

Many teachers are retiring from schools in Pasadena.

Sixteen teachers who serve in local public schools in Pasadena are retiring this year.

According to a document shared by Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) spokesman Bob Mosier five elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools are each losing long-serving educators this fall. 

Many of the teachers retiring throughout the county have served their communities for 30 years or more.

Listed below are the teachers and administrators retiring from local schools, with their total years of service in the education field.

  • Dorothy Kolakowski, first-grade, 21 years.
  • Kathleen Rellihan, special education, 31 years.
  • Deborah Shacklock, physical education, 36 years.

  • Barbara Bangert, third grade, 27 years.
  • Susan Engstrom, media specialist, 32 years.

  • Sylvia Jones, first grade, 31 years.

  • Mary Davis, second grade, 35 years.

  • Nancy Flythe, fourth grade, 38 years.

  • Alice Bieman, language arts, 16 years.
  • Debra Thacker, family and consumer science, 33 years.
  • Nancy Weed, family and consumer science, 35 years.

  • Mary Evans, special education, 40 years.

  • Joseph Ward, art department chairman, 39 years.

  • Bonnie Bowen, social studies, 20 years.
  • Linda Kerschner, English, 34 years.
  • Alan Kohlhafer, business, 36 years.


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