‘Anything Goes’ Debuts at Chesapeake High School

The show debuted Thursday evening and finished up on Saturday night.

Theatre Group and Patch caught up with theater supervisor and musical director Karen Simmons.

Pasadena Patch: How did the opening night performance go?
Karen Simmons:
Opening night was a great success. The Pasadena community is learning that Anything Goes is a show that has lots of familiar music and is filled with light-hearted humor. The audience members were surprised by the high caliber of the acting, music, dancing, sets, and technical aspects of the show. 

Pasadena Patch: How did the students feel the performance went?
One student commented to me that there is nothing better than to walk on stage and do what you love for the first time in front of an audience.

Pasadena Patch: What are you looking forward to in Saturday night’s finale?
 While closing night is always sad, it is also the most fun. There will never be a cast and crew for Anything Goes that is quite like this one and they are putting on a first-class show. Don't miss out on a wonderful, fun-filled evening of entertainment! 

Anything Goes was performed one last time Saturday night.


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