Eagle Cove Wraps Up Math Month

The private school just finished an entire month devoted to math.

At some schools, math is a subject that lasts about an hour. At , math is a month-long celebration.

The private elementary school, located right on the Magothy River, just finished a month of math-related activities and projects.

“There are lots of things you can do with math month,” said Vicki Dabrowka, teacher and coordinator of math month. “We have a monthly, grade specific, calendar that has daily math events. The kids all have math projects that are at their grade level.”

The state of Maryland does math month each year during April. However, due to some scheduling complications, does their own math month in January. Throughout the month, students in pre-kindergarten to fifth grade worked on numerous different projects all dealing with math related themes.

“We try to integrate math with everything we do in January,” Dabrowka said. “So they will do math in their gymnastics unit and math in Spanish class. Everyone makes a conscious effort to tie math into their lessons.”

Not only do the students do math projects in their different classes, they are also asked to do their own individual project at home.

“At home we encourage the kids to do their own projects,” she said. “We tell them it can be an idea from the math calendar, or anything from their own creativity.”

One health-conscious fourth-grader decided to center his math project on counting calories. This student went to McDonalds, counted up the calories of a few different menu options, and used a math equation to figure out how much walking he would have to do to burn off all the calories.

This fourth-grader concluded you would have to walk 47,019 steps, for 407 minutes, or 6.78 hours, to burn off 1,260 McDonalds calories.

Projects included measuring the planets' distance from the sun, creating math vocabulary quilts and adding buttons on a snowman.

“The kids are so funny—they will come up to me and say, ‘Oh! I am working on my math project.’ Even if they are in pre-K or kindergarten,” Dabrowka said. “They seem to enjoy it.”


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