Lake Shore Kindergartners Participate in Green Musical

Kindergartners will be dressed as bugs while they sing about the environment on Friday.

Lake Shore Elementary School kindergartners will be dressed as bugs on Friday night when the students perform in the environmentally-friendly musical A Bugs Eye View; We’ve Only Got One Planet. The school is calling the show a "green musical."

“It’s featuring both kindergarten classes as bugs that are worried about our environment,” said Jill Beram-Liimatta, Lake Shore music director. “It is very cute. They have little stripped socks that will be on their arms or legs to represent little ladybugs or bees; and they have antennas with eyes on them.”

The musical will feature six songs, which the kindergartners have been working on for three months. The musical coincides with .

“It is all environmentally themed and in complete partnership with our going green initiative in the school,” Beram-Liimatta said.

Throughout the project, the kindergarten classes have been learning about the many different ways they can help the environment.

“It is great to see how excited kindergartners are and how easily they learn something that is not the easiest to understand,” Beram-Liimatta said. “Recycling is relatively easy, but when you are talking about saving water strategies and planting trees to create better air, that’s harder and they really understand. They are very excited about all of it.”

After the conclusion of the musical, Lake Shore will be hosting a talent show for all students in kindergarten through fifth grade to participate in.

“We have everything from cup stacking to singing, and cheerleading to card tricks being performed,” Beram-Liimatta said

The musical will start at 7 p.m. on Friday at Lake Shore Elementary. Both the musical and the talent show are free to the public.


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