Outstanding Northeast Senior Athletes Honored at Banquet

Several senior athletes at Northeast High School were honored at the school’s senior banquet Tuesday night.

The athletic community celebrated some of the senior athletes' finest accomplishments Tuesday night at its senior banquet.

Here is a rundown of the top award winners, Northeast Athletic Director Ken Miller said. Booster members and Miller provided the descriptions of each award.

Award: Heaphy Award
Megan Grim and
This award is for athletic and scholastic achievement. Ed Heaphy was the founding boosters president. The boosters provide the funds for this scholarship, and the coaches and the athletic director select the winners. The winners receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Award: John Groom Courage Award
Emily Neisser and David Skiratko
Description: This award is named after John Groom, a lacrosse player that died during a game at Northeast High School in 1972. The rock that sits in front of the stadium is a memorial to him. This award is given to an athlete that embodies a courageous spirit.

Award: Rusko-Boyd Sportsmanship Award
Allison Caines and Austin Meirick
The Rusko-Boyd award is given out at every high school in Anne Arundel county for the male and female athletes that exhibit the best sportsmanship in their respective school. It is named for two retired physical education and athletics leaders in the county.

Award: Linda Hackman Scholarship for Outstanding Softball Player
The Linda Hackman award is a $1,000 scholarship that goes to an outstanding senior softball player. The award is named for Linda Hackman who coached softball at Northeast for several years until she passed away after battling cancer. Her friends and family give the scholarship in her name every year.

Award: Soar Like an Eagle Scholarship
Allison Caines and Austin Meirick
This is a $500 scholarship provided by the boosters. It is based on GPA, time as a varsity player and the student’s parents are required to be booster members.

Award: James Griffin Scholarship for Diversity and Athletics
Keirstin Henderson
This is a $500 scholarship named for a Northeast High School teacher. Griffin was a teacher and an administrator at Northeast who lost both hands in an industrial accident. He loved sports and played lacrosse and he also was a thespian. The award is given to an individual that is diversified in many areas not just sports.


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