Q&A: Bodkin Elementary Student Emily Armero

Emily Armero, 10, is a fourth-grader at Bodkin Elementary School.

Patch caught up with fourth-grader Emily Armero, 10, to ask her a few questions about the end of the school year and her summer plans

Pasadena Patch: What is something you learned this year?
Emily Armero:
I learned the mean and how to get it. I also learned the median, mode and range in math. It was a better way to find answers.

Pasadena Patch: What was your favorite part of this school year?
I liked when we went kayaking.

Pasadena Patch: What are you most looking forward to next year?
I’m excited for new teachers. I am also looking forward to going to St. Mary’s City and playing in the volleyball game against the teachers.

Pasadena Patch: What are you going to do over your summer vacation?
I play on a lacrosse team. I also like to go swimming with my friends and kayaking with my grandpa.

Pasadena Patch: What are you going to miss most about school during the summer?
I will miss seeing all my friends that don’t live near me.

Reman howl October 30, 2012 at 07:22 PM
She is so cute! Go EM
Erik W January 20, 2013 at 02:54 AM


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