Q&A: Eagle Cove School Student Michael Devlin-Tremble

Michael Devlin-Tremble, 11, is a fifth-grader at Eagle Cove School.

Patch caught up with fifth-grader Michael Devlin-Tremble, 11, to ask him a few questions about the end of the school year and his summer plans.

Pasadena Patch: What is something you learned this year?
Michael Devlin-Tremble:
I learned a lot. In science we learned a lot of things about fish. It was so much fun.

Pasadena Patch: What was your favorite part of this school year?
Going to Harpers Ferry on a field trip—that was really fun. I really liked white water rafting and seeing where John Brown lives.

Pasadena Patch: What are you most looking forward to next year in middle school?
I am going to and it is going to be different because there is going to be a lot more people. I am a little nervous about the classes and all the homework.

Pasadena Patch: What are you going to do during your summer vacation?
I am going to Michigan. We are going to visit Lake Michigan, too. We are also going to Cedar Point in Ohio. I really like roller coasters. I like the excitement as you go up and then drop down. I do not like spiny rides though.

Pasadena Patch: What are you going to miss most about Eagle Cove School?
It is really fun here being so close to the water. And you get a lot of attention from the nice teachers. I love how we get to go outside and in the water. I also got to learn Spanish here and other schools don’t have that.

Check back on Monday for another Eagle Cove School student interview.


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