Q&A: High Point Camper Anna Fotte

Anna Fotte, 9, is a rising fourth grader at High Point Elementary School.

Patch stopped by to talk to a few Pasadena students participating in the Anne Arundel County Rec and Parks Summer Fun Center at the school. The day Patch stopped by was camp Halloween Day, so many kids were dressed in costumes.

Anna Fotte, 9, will be a fourth grader at High Point Elementary in the fall. Patch talked to Anna about how her summer is going, and how she feels about the start of school.

Pasadena Patch: What has been your favorite part of your summer vacation so far?
Anna Fotte:
This day is my favorite so far because we get to wear costumes and get candy and do an interview.

Pasadena Patch: What is one book that you have read this summer?
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days, I really like the book because it is funny. It is about a guy named Greg—it is like a comic book.

Pasadena Patch: What was something you learned in school last year?
In math I learned a lot about fractions.

Pasadena Patch: What are you most looking forward to when school starts back up?
Meeting new people.

Pasadena Patch: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A vet. I think you earn a lot of money being a vet.

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