Shoppers Provides Healthy Eating Tips for Vacation

Remember these tips for healthy eating when you’re vacationing this summer.

When you are taking that long car drive to your vacation destination this summer a fast food stop doesn’t have to be your only meal option. A Shoppers dietitian provides tips for eating healthy on the road.

According to a release from Shoppers, registered dietitian Jennifer Shea said the trick to eating on the road is to find utensil-free, mess-free meals and snacks the entire family can enjoy.

Shoppers has , located at 8048 Ritchie Highway.

If you are traveling long distances in your car, Shea recommends the following snack options:

  • Pack perishables: Hit the grocery store before you leave home and fill your ice-packed cooler with fresh fruit and veggies, mini dips (such as hummus), string cheese and yogurt.
  • Make wraps: Make wrap sandwiches ahead of time and wrap in tinfoil for the family to enjoy burrito style.
  • Stock up on snacks: Look for a variety of sweet and savory snacks. Think pistachios (pack a bag for the shells), almonds, trail mix, mini boxes of raisins, popcorn, sunflower seeds, wholegrain crackers, peanut butter, beef or turkey jerky, freeze dried fruit, fruit leather and granola bars.
  • Don’t forget the drink: Drinks can be the most expensive item on the road. Purchase a 24 pack of bottled water, seltzers, unsweetened iced black, green tea or V-8 juices and throw it in the cooler.

Theodore Pitt, the store director at the , said the grocery chain would have everything local families need to stock up on before a long trip.

“At Shoppers, we’re prepared for customers ready to stock up on treats for their summer road trips,” Pitt said. “As fresh produce and easy-to-pack snacks are the ideal alternative to the fast food restaurants found along highways, we’ve made sure that we’re equipped with a wide selection of healthy food items available for purchase.”

What are your favorite summer vacation snacks? Tell us in the comments.  

Susan Jenkins June 12, 2012 at 03:27 PM
These are great suggestions! I have to admit that I usually pack Pop-Tarts for my kids but will consider some of these healthier options next time.


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