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CRIMINAL DEFENSE When you need a defense more robust than steel and sharper than a blade, The Law Office of Mitchell A. Greenberg is ready to defend you! Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, the LawChampion charges into battle to protect thy honor and name. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you is crucial. Our legal professionals, led by Mitchell A. Greenberg, have years of experience collecting evidence, digging through all the facts, and ensuring the best outcome for your case. You may be faced with considerable jail time when charged with a criminal conviction. The prosecution will do everything in its power to secure a conviction, so ensuring you have the right attorney by your side to represent you is crucial. Our team has a complex understanding of Maryland’s laws and will use every resource available to secure you a favorable outcome. WORKERS' COMPENSATION Those who suffer grievous injury from their toil need not suffer in helpless frustration and pain. The Law Office of Mitchell A. Greenberg stands by your side in Maryland and DC against what often seem insurmountable adversaries. It is we who know the weaknesses to slay such a formidable adversary, and our impressive tales of victories are memorialized forever in the halls of our site. And now you, too, stand to gain so much for an unjust injury. Let us rally into battle for you to secure your bounty. Our reputation for recovering compensation equal to your sustained physical injuries is nearly flawless. In a world where you must fight to get what you deserve, you deserve a warrior who will never give up. Upon his powerful motorcycle steed of justice, Mitchell A. Greenberg, the LawChampion, rides on your behalf! In the courtroom, he gives no quarter. In negotiations, he allows no retreat. You shall know justice. Your opponents shall know defeat!

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